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Never without education.

'I'd be a slave for 40 years to anybody who teaches me a single letter.' Hazrat Ali A discourse that can be as meaningful as mountains and seas. Many years later, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk did not say anything different when saying 'the most genuine master is science in life'. Our family life and environment are of course very important. The education that will prepare us for the future and the schools will give us that education, our teachers who are the insurance of our future... Is there anyone who does not believe that having fun while learning and learning while having fun both start from pre-school? We think of learning and teaching as a way of life rather than a lesson. We believe that our mission will be successful especially when the same pre-school life in our big cities reaches our children in the most remote corners of our country.

Getting Educated with Murat Didin

Murat Didin, a graduate of Ted Ankara College and METU Civil Engineering Department, worked as a coach in many teams of our country and our national teams as well as in Italy and Germany leagues after playing basketball for many years.
“You can develop as long as you learn, research and share” is his daily motto. His teaching career began during his years at METU and now extends to the Lithuanian Sports University.
Didin, who has been life coaching many educational institutions and organizations and sharing his knowledge with them as a group speaker, has started to produce collaborative works on pre-school with Serdar Aslan, the founder of DCU Ankara since 2017.
Murat Didin is delighted to update his university, life and overseas experiences for the children of tomorrow. He continues to work with the belief of a DCU that will improve every day by learning from teachers, parents, teeny students and from each other while walking together on the path of life. And he does that by saying “you can exist as long as you dream”…

Getting Educated with Harun Erdenay

Harun Erdenay, like his father Kemal Erdenay, is a member of a family that has marked a long period of Turkish Basketball. For Erdenay who played an important role in Turkey’s winning a lot of trophies and honours, the love and intensity of basketball were so important that he was forced to leave the Bosphorus University’s Computer Programming Department in order to wear the national uniform and play basketball.
After his years as a basketball player, Erdenay served as the manager of the national team, board member of the Turkish Basketball Federation and finally the President of Basketball Federation and has contributed greatly to the growth of Turkish athletes.
Harun Erdenay is currently a member of the executive board of the international basketball federation FIBA and shares his knowledge and experience especially in the training of young players and young coaches for the youth of tomorrow at various universities.

Getting Educated with Hazar Çelik

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